How To Use HootSuite For Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

If you have been keeping up with even a portion of current real estate marketing news and trends, you already know that social media is one of the most important aspects to building an online presence for your business. In fact, over the next few years, it is anticipated that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will begin to have a major impact on the search engine results as well.However, like any busy real estate professional, it is difficult to find the time to maintain a successful online marketing campaign as well as focus on your business. Yet, this must still be made a priority, as the future of real estate marketing continues to become more and more reliant on web based platforms. Therefore, it pays to automate or delegate tasks whenever necessary.Introducing HootSuite for Real Estate ProfessionalsOne tool that can help you do just that with a touch of a button is known as HootSuite. If you are trying to manage 3 or more social media profiles, then this could be the marketing platform you are looking for. Now when you upload a new blog post, property listings, or real estate video tours, you can automatically notify your audience within seconds.In other words, it will allow you to integrate multiple profiles and your WordPress blog as well so you only need to login to one account. Now, you can streamline your real estate marketing efforts by simply scheduling updates to post at varying intervals, so you can essentially set it and forget it.Want to remind your audience of an upcoming open house or to automatically post a new message every other day over the next month? This can be accomplished within the user interface, and you won’t need to set that daily reminder to keep all your pages up to date. Or, download the app and do this right from the palm of your hand.Additionally, you can also add your RSS feed from your real estate blog so that each chosen platform will instantly be updated whenever new content has been added to your site. This is a powerful way to continually drive your prospects back to your main page, so that they will remember you when it’s time to buy or sell their home.Finally, they system allows you to create analytics reports so that you can see how each piece of your real estate marketing campaign is performing. That way you can continue to tweak things and only focus on those areas that are having the greatest impact for your business.Of course, these are only a few of the benefits that this system provides. You can access HootSuite for free or pay a small monthly fee to take advantage of its full functionality.

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