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Symptoms associated with pelvic health of a woman are serious and need to be addressed as soon as one spots them. It is important for one to consult a physician on pelvic health issues immediately one experience’s a symptom .It is important for a woman to visit a physician if one notices some of symptoms associated with pelvic health. Some pelvic disorders are often painful and may reduce the quality of one’s life and may even cause infertility problems in some women . The symptoms that cause pelvic health issues may cause pain in women who experience them . One may experience a lot of pain and discomfort that prevents one from enjoying life.It is important for women who undergo through pelvic health issue to realize the fact that there are other women experiencing the same symptoms. Women facing pelvic health issues should not shy away from the society .It is important for one note that, there are other women out there, facing and experiencing the same symptoms as them.Some pelvic health issues that occur in women can lead to embarrassment or cause discomfort .

Some symptoms like painful intercourse or urinary retention are a hard topic to consider talking about . Some symptoms associated with pelvic health issues requires one’s confidence to be able to disclose the information. It is important to look out for some of the common Symptoms like urinary incontinence and retention ,abdominal and back pain ,constipation ,painful intercourse ,fecal incontinence and rectal pressure .It is important for a woman to be aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for . Education on pelvic health issues should be considered important for all women to be able to able to prevent some pelvic disorders. Many women suffer silently and this causes the condition to progress . It is important to consider the help of a physician early enough so as to solve a bigger problem that might occur in future. A permanent condition can occur if one suffers silently without considering the help of a professional.Some women often panic on the relationships with their husbands. Some Women who face pelvic issues fear losing their husbands and some consider to suffer silently. The fear of ending a marriage because of a pelvic health disorder is painful.

It is important to note that most older women ovulate less and this sometimes causes pelvic disorders .As one gets older ,there are changes that occur in the body .Some changes that are brought about by age occur and often lead to pelvic disorders. Some practices such as smoking and drinking the use of recreational drugs might disrupt the menstrual cycle of some women and often leads to pelvic health issues .Drugs such as cocaine ,marijuana ,heroin among others are known to cause ovary and menstrual problems . Alcohol and smoking can cause miscarriages and still births. It is necessary for a woman who attempts to get pregnant to consider going for screening on some sexually transmitted diseases .Diseases such as gonorrhea can causes huge problems for the reproductive organ of a woman that often leads to infertility problems. It is important for a woman who opts to have a baby to get tested on some sexually transmitted diseases.

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